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Windows, Nate Berkus and the Main Street of Design: Legends 2016

Passion is one quality that is not in short supply at La Cienega Design Quarter’s upcoming LEGENDS event (May 3-5, 2016). Each year, the 3-day celebration of design welcomes thousands of tastemakers and editors from around the world who are feverishly devoted to all things beautiful in the home. This year’s festivities will be no exception, LCDQ president Lee Stanton reveals.

“The success of LEGENDS is based upon spirit—the spirit of the event itself, the spirit of LCDQ and our design community, and the spirit of Los Angeles,” says the antiquarian. “LEGENDS has been referred to as the ‘spring break for designers.’ It’s a chance to get inspired, mingle, network and watch what happens when creativity runs wild!”

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Stanton recently took a break from planning the must-see design extravaganza to give us a behind-the-scenes look ahead of the May 3 opening gala at Fig & Olive, co-sponsored by Coldwell Banker Previews International®.

Previews Inside Out The LEGENDS event is now in its 8th year, how did it become such a phenomena among the design community?

Lee Stanton People from around the world come to LEGENDS to connect, collaborate, and get inspired. There really is no other event anywhere in the country quite like it. Beautiful people, beautiful weather, and beautiful design all in an energetic and creative space that I call the “main street of design.” The LEGENDS event started during the recession to pull together, motivate, and raise the disposition of our colleagues in the design community. Eight years later, it continues to do just that, and as time evolves, so does the LEGENDS event.

Previews Inside Out Each year LEGENDS embraces an overarching theme. Last year we explored the world of muses, what can we expect from this year’s theme, One of a Kind?

Lee Stanton The LCDQ is a unique community made up of showrooms with one-of-a-kind antiques and textiles, custom furniture and lighting, and original art. L.A. is a diverse, creative, and talented community. Therefore, One of a Kind is such an appropriate theme for the LEGENDS event. Today, designers are rejecting mass production and conformity, choosing to celebrate originality, diversity, and artisanship. Expect to see provocative displays with unique and rare objects.

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Previews Inside Out We hear that Nate Berkus and Robert Stilin will be designing windows for your showroom this year. Any secrets you can disclose?

Lee Stanton I am fortunate to have two very talented and creative designers working on my windows. I don’t know exactly what they are each doing, but I can tell you that there is serious competition to outdo the other.

Previews Inside Out La Cienega Design Quarter is a treasure trove for exceptional finds. Will there be time to explore the shops and showrooms?

Lee Stanton Realizing that the LEGENDS event is packed with lots to do, this year we decided to start the event a day earlier to provide guests the opportunity to come back on Friday and properly enjoy the 60+ showrooms on your own time.  

Previews Inside Out This year’s lineup features over 30 activities. If you had to pick just one event to attend, what would it be?

Lee Stanton That is a tough one, but why not kick the celebration off with the Opening Gala at Fig & Olive? While at the Quarter, be sure to check out the 60 plus windows displays created by the most talented designers in the country. Get inspired and exchange ideas with design editors and icons at keynotes and panel discussions on trending topics.

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Windows, Nate Berkus and the Main Street of Design: Legends 2016

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