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Top Luxury Agents Share What’s In and Out

What do today’s luxury buyers really want?

It’s the age-old question that drives and influences the best luxury real estate professionals. It’s also what motivated the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury team to curate the insights from nearly 40 Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists for The Report 2022.

Is the home office still a must-have? What about the home gym or the pool? And is new construction still sought-after? Whether their answers surprise you or not, the reality is that affluent buyer preferences are continuing to evolve following the pandemic. What was “in” last year may be “out” this year or vice versa.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what they told us, but you’ll want to read the complete 2022 Vision Survey in The Report:



Move-in ready or turnkey homes are still the most desirable properties for affluent buyers – nearly 38% of Luxury Property Specialists said so.


Pools and large yards remain at the top of homebuyers’ wishlists, according to the majority of respondents surveyed. The home office and home gym? Notsomuch. (Although many will tell you that these spaces are still important to buyers; they’re just not the most important.)


According to survey respondents, the top three priorities for affluent buyers last year were: 1) move-in ready quality, 2) more square footage and 3) outdoor living spaces.

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Top Luxury Agents Share What’s In and Out

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