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The Mark of a Heritage Brand: Celebrating 110 Years of Innovation


Editor's Note

As the Coldwell Banker® brand celebrates its 110th anniversary this month, we are all reminded of our heritage, history and importance to the clients we serve. Coldwell Banker has endured for more than a generation as “the original Silicon Valley real estate startup,” as our team likes to say — because of our history of innovation. In luxury, heritage is a revered quality. Those heritage brands that have stood the test of time have done so by finding new ways to make connections with their clients, all while staying true to their core values. For more than a century, Coldwell Banker has continued to succeed in the pursuit of innovation. The proof is in our award-winning programs benefitting both consumers and sales associates, and the many records we continue to break in real estate.

Raising the bar? Well, that’s simply what we do every day. Using the measure of sales volume, it’s easy to claim that we are No. 1, but our excellence extends far beyond simple numbers. It’s how many “firsts” we’ve had and for how long. Recently, we took a leadership role in the smart home space and were the first national real estate brand to develop an iPad application (CBx) to easily bring big data into home listing presentations. We were the first national real estate brand to augment its website for mobile, and, of course, we were the first national brand to bring video to the forefront of real estate sales with the launch of a YouTube channel. We were also the only real estate company in history to win an Emmy. It’s easy to be incredible for a moment in time. To be a leader for 110 years is something altogether different!

The next 110 years will be an exciting sight to behold, especially for our company’s global luxury marketing division. One year ago this month, our team was challenged to enrich and expand the largest and most successful global luxury real estate marketing program in the world. (How do you improve upon exceptional? I’ll tell you: it isn’t easy!) When you have a luxury history like ours, which was established in 1933 on Manhattan’s prestigious Madison Avenue, the standard by which you judge yourself is already set high. This year has been a testament to that heritage and the future we have in front of us.

When you look at our global reach and online syndication, our market share in the major luxury markets across the globe, our offerings for the discriminating consumer and our ability to connect with the world’s most affluent, our company remains unmatched. The Coldwell Banker brand has propelled our luxury division to the rank of the largest luxury real estate brand in the world. Our competitors make claims — however, we stand above all others, with luxury sales over $1 million equating to $133 million each and every day. We did not get here by chance. We got here by plan.

We are honored and humbled to be who we are and where we are. Our strength and standing in real estate has been time-tested again and again. That is the hallmark of a true heritage brand.

Until next month.

Craig Hogan is the vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, and a 20-year real estate veteran. When he is not traveling or offering his insights on high-end real estate trends, he spends time in Chicago, where he enjoys walking his rescue dog Cooper along the lakefront, collecting wine and satisfying his real estate “addiction” with a luxe open house tour or two.


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The Mark of a Heritage Brand: Celebrating 110 Years of Innovation

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