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Six Art Trends For Your Home Right Now

Art is so subjective that it’s hard to think of it as following a trend line. However, there are certain types of art that appear to resonate with both collectors, interior designers and artists at any given moment in time. In 2018, it was modern portraiture and outdoor settings. Before that, it was traditional Scandinavian looks. Which artworks are inspiring interior trends in 2019?

For answers, we turned to the curators at the online art gallery, Saatchi Art, which is known for offering museum-quality paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography. Saatchi Art just released a trend report that highlights six key art themes that inspired this year’s top interior trends. If you’re looking to give the walls of your home an update, read further.

1. Maximalism

Transposition | Alyson Khan

Less is more? So last year. 2019 is the year of excess. Think more is more with “intricate patterns, bold colors and a lavish layering of accent pieces and art,” according to the report. “Gallery walls are a hallmark of maximalism, so fill your space with striking artwork and be confidently on-trend.”  View the complete Maximalism collection.

2.  Mixed Metals

Tension | Anna Matykiewicz

Metallic tones are back in a big way this year. “This trend harmonizes gold, silver, and other metals—and isn’t limited to fixtures or hardware,” says the report. “Complement your metallic finishes by displaying art that shines with metallic tones.” View the complete Mixed Metals collection.

3. Artisanal Aesthetic

Color knit #4 – Limited Edition 1 of 4 | Petros Vrellis

We already know that handmade materials and objects are having an interior design moment, so this trend is no surprise. “The artisanal home is distinguished by well-curated art made from fiber, ceramics, and other natural materials,” the report notes. View the complete Artisanal Aesthetic collection.

4. Modern Botanicals

Wall Flowers #1 | Anne Schubert

Green is a defining trend for 2019 — from emerald-hued furniture to real live botanicals. It goes for art too. “Throughout the year, expect to see more interiors filled with rich shades of green,” says the report. “Upgrade your lackluster rooms to a tropical paradise with botanical-inspired art in natural hues.”  View the complete Modern Botanicals collection.

5. Black and White

Elise – Limited Edition 5 of 10 | A Weyer

Black and white artworks will never go out of style, of course. However, 2019 has seen a number of versatile black-and-white interpretations that can make your space feel instantly fresh and “effortlessly modern,” as the report points out.  View the complete Black and White collection.

6. New Nordic Neutrals

Sage and Sun | Michelle Louis

Scandinavian design has always celebrated craftsmanship and simplicity. Now it has reinvented itself yet again “with earthy tones and sculptural motifs,” declares the report. “Embrace bold shapes and hues like sage and blush to create a welcoming and elegant space.” View the complete Nordic Neutrals collection.

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Six Art Trends For Your Home Right Now

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