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The Resort-Like Appeal of Infinity Edge Pools

Looking at any body of water can be relaxing and beautiful, but if you want to really kick it up, then you need to install an infinity edge pool.  Infinity edge pools have one or more exposed wall that is slightly shorter than the water level so the water flows over the edge, thereby creating the appearance of a pool that goes on forever-this stunning effect can completely alter a backyard and take your breath away.  Some of the best ones look like they are merging into a nearby ocean-talk about a stellar view!  Yes, there is a lot of money and planning involved, but it is worth it for the resale value and your everyday viewing pleasure as well.

An infinity edge pool can give make your backyard feel like you are lounging beachside at a resort.  High-end resorts have used infinity pools for years and homeowners are increasingly installing them in their homes to simulate the look and feeling of a luxurious resort.  Whether you love to swim, entertain, photograph or simply admire your home, an infinity edge pool will create an incredible backdrop and enhance your entire home.  Everyone will gravitate towards the pool area, and as they gaze out towards the horizon and are transported by the view, you will know it was worth every penny.

Guest post by Danny Hertzberg

Danny Hertzberg is a Miami Beach native and member of Coldwell Banker’s #1 team worldwide and the #1 team in Florida, The Jills®. Recognized as one of Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30,” he has spoken about smart home technology, social media and luxury real estate trends at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and other high-profile events nationwide. Danny received a joint J.D./M.B.A. degree from the University of Miami, and is fluent in Spanish.

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The Resort-Like Appeal of Infinity Edge Pools

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