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Real Estate is Personal


Editor's Note

Now more than ever, we are realizing the value of relationships and human connection. In real estate, our personal relationships power almost everything we do. Even prior to the pandemic, we knew that our buyers wanted that connection with their luxury agent. Today, it means even more, and the Coldwell Banker® brand continues to look for ways to open up new avenues of dialogue between you and your clients.

One of the most recent examples is our new customization program for Homes & Estates magazine. For the first time, you can customize the magazine with your personal ad on the inside front cover when you purchase a full-page ad. You’ll also get up to 100 copies mailed to your client network and 20 of your own copies to distribute as you choose. Plus, it’s all managed by Unique Homes — so it doesn’t require extra effort or cost you any additional money!

Several Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® Property Specialists have already taken advantage of the opportunity for the current issue, and we will be sharing more about their experiences soon. Spoiler alert: They’re going to tell you that the ability to personalize the magazine and turn it into their very own Homes & Estates gave them yet another impactful way to brand themselves and connect with their client base during this unique time. Sometimes, that’s all you need to spark a conversation with a client — a simple reminder that says, “I’m here.”

We are now accepting ad placements for the special Wall Street Journal Supplement of Homes & Estates, set to publish on Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020. The deadline to place your full-page ad is June 19. Contact Bruce Griset at or 833-928-9020.

Real estate has always been personal. The pandemic has shaken up so many of us. Some of you may not be quite sure what to do in this new environment, when face-to-face meetings or in-person open houses are not possible. Adaptation is critical right now. This could be a moment for you to touch base with at least two or three clients each day and check on them. Ask them, “How can we help?” or simply let them know, “We care about you and we’re here for you.” Empathy and listening will speak louder than any sales pitch.

Technology has allowed us to do far more than we ever did before. It happened in an almost unbelievably short period of time. No doubt it will change our process forever — in many ways that we never thought it could. What and how will we adapt to this new reality? I’ve been on Teams and Zoom calls with agents across our global network who are practicing their presentation skills, and they’ve never felt more confident. I suggest this is an excellent use of all the time we have as many of us continue to shelter in place.

This is a moment to take a step back. Evaluate what brought you here — what inspired you to become a real estate professional. Reinvent yourself, and maybe even your team. In a sense, many are starting out at the same gate, and some will have entirely new stories to write. What will your story be?

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Real Estate is Personal

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