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Pamella Roland: Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur


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Currently the President and Designer of the PAMELLA ROLAND collection, Pamella DeVos began cultivating her love of fashion during her teens and early twenties working for a women’s retailer while attending school. During this time she took a keen interest in art history in order to mature her creativity and refine her aesthetic. She channels her artistic appreciation and creativity into all of her collections, finding inspiration throughout her life and the world at large. She designs for a confident woman with exceptional taste – one who demands a versatile wardrobe in which she feels polished and impeccable without forsaking her sensuality and femininity. Pamella strives to create clothes that allow women to comfortably exude their strength and beauty, while projecting innate elegance. Since making a Fall 2002 debut, the brand has grown significantly to the present, making PAMELLA ROLAND a label of choice among retailers and A-list celebrities. The collection also received the prestigious 2003 Gold Coast Award in just its second year of operation, and Pamella was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2010.


Previews Inside Out Your designs translate seamlessly from the runways to the red carpet where they are seen on Hollywood’s leading ladies. What are the global style and design principles that remain constant for you?

Pamella Roland To me great style and good design are universal. I enjoy making beautiful pieces that women love
to wear… My husband is an avid car collector and what makes those cars beautiful are the same principles that make an evening gown just as beautiful- clean lines, gorgeous materials and fine workmanship.

Previews Inside Out Or do they change with the destination? If so, how?

Pamella Roland I am very thoughtful about how I put my wardrobe together for a trip whether it’s Paris, Dubai or most recently Shanghai. A lot depends on whether it’s a vacation trip or for business. It’s always interesting to me to see where our dresses are being shipped. Based on the look I can tell if it’s going to Dubai, the Ukraine, or Palm Beach!

Previews Inside Out What does living with style mean to you?

Pamella Roland It means enjoying my favorite things where and when I like. Style is such a personal thing so just because I think something is great doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone…. Just ask my daughters!

Previews Inside Out What does how a woman dresses and where she lives say about her?

Pamella Roland I think how a woman dresses is very important because the way we look communicates a lot about who we are. It doesn’t say everything about a woman but it makes a big impact. I love people watching and women dress so differently depending on the city…Los Angeles is very casual, Chicago women love color especially in the spring and in New York ladies love to wear black or monochromatic looks.

Previews Inside Out How do you approach designing for a woman? How do you approach designing your home?

Pamella Roland I approach each new collection based on how I live my life as a mother, wife and entrepreneur. I try to make sure there is something each season for all the different facets of my lifestyle and in turn will be right for my customers. I approach interior design in a similar way to how I approach my fashion collection – finding inspiration and doing research on fabrics and materials and then focusing on what works best for my life with my family.

Pamella Roland_Look 30

Previews Inside Out Are the clean lines of your collections and your signature design elements reflected in your home?
If so, how?

Pamella Roland I have the same approach whether it’s a home or a new Pamella Roland collection. I believe in the old adage that before you leave the house you take one accessory off; which is why I gravitate towards clean lines without a lot of clutter. A lot of decorators put too much in a room which always makes me wonder where the people will fit in that room.

Previews Inside Out What do you look for in a vacation home from a design standpoint? What must it have to allow you to truly relax?

Pamella Roland Fresh flowers, family pictures, great artwork in a clean uncluttered environment. With those elements in place I am able to relax and enjoy my family and friends.

Previews Inside Out How can you transform a room into an oasis through design?

Pamella Roland One of my favorite ways is to make one large important piece of art the focal point. Keeping the rest clean and simple will create a striking room.

Previews Inside Out Looking ahead– What do you see for the future of design, both in fashion and in our homes?

Pamella Roland In fashion neutrals are back in a big way with spots of color. White with neutrals is also a combination I love in either leather or textured fabrics.

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Pamella Roland: Mother, Wife and Entrepreneur

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