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Old Dog, New Dog


Editor's Note

“Our agents don’t just understand real estate — they understand what home is all about.” That’s how the Coldwell Banker® brand’s touching “Old Dog, New Dog” commercial (and Ace Metrix’s newly minted No. 1 rated real estate ad) closes out, and it strikes an emotional cord with me each time.

Home is so much more than a physical place. It’s where memories are made, where relationships are forged and where new family members (furry or otherwise) make their debuts in our lives. The Coldwell Banker brand and, by natural extension, the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program keep this idea alive in all that we do, whether it’s supporting our agents with a global agent network or creating award-winning marketing campaigns that connect with people on a human level. It’s this human touch that is so often missing in our daily interactions. The experienced luxury real estate masters who have passed through the exceptionally rigorous Coldwell Banker Global Luxury certification program know this firsthand. We teach this very idea — that the relationships and human connections we forge in this business are what matter most.

You can bet that the attendees of the first-ever certification course in Istanbul heard this message, along with many other luxury trade secrets. Taking place at the incredible Sait Halim Pasha Yalisi mansion on the Bosphorus Sea, this event was truly one for the history books!

Sait Halim Pasha Yalisi, Istanbul, Turkey

The next certification course will be in one of the most breathtaking summer holiday destinations — Kelowna, British Colombia, at the beautiful Delta Hotels Grand Okanagan Resort. It’s perfect timing, since Canada is having a real estate moment, with luxury sales up significantly from last year at this time!

Delta Hotels Grand Okanagan Resort, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

This event also coincides with the new Global Luxury Certification Course for Managers, which is launching to the network in June. I am very excited to bring our managers into the wildly successful Global Luxury model in this official capacity — so we are truly offering our clients excellence in service on every single level, from the top down and beyond borders.

Speaking of crossing borders: many of our Global Luxury Property Specialists can now enjoy access to the luxury network Anjuke, through our partnership with ListGlobally. Anjuke is the first-ever mobile-first app and the most used for Chinese buyers looking for property outside their country. There have been over 200 million downloads of the app already!

I also want to remind everyone of the powerful reach of Homes & Estates magazine, the flagship magazine of the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program. The summer edition of the ever-popular Wall Street Journal Supplement is now on sale — and let me tell you, it’s better than ever for our advertisers! Advertisers who book a full page will not only receive 100 copies direct mailed to their top clientele, but they will also receive a second ad run in the summer edition of Unique Homes at no cost. And of course, the luxury homes featured in these magazines will reach the top 10 ZIP codes in the country. It’s yet another example of the kind of strategic targeting we do and the keen emphasis we place on connecting qualified luxury buyers and luxury sellers with the most skilled luxury real estate professionals in the business. In other words, we bring people “home.”

Until next month.

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