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Meet the New Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Team in Tuscany



If you’ve ever caught yourself dreaming of living out your very own “Under the Tuscan Sun” real estate fantasy, then this piece of news might excite you. The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program recently opened a new office in Tuscany. Helmed by husband-and-wife duo Moira Mancini and Domenico Bizzoco, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury – Chianti Heritage will serve the Tuscan luxury real estate market, with two exclusive locations in the Val D’orcia and Chianti regions. Collectively, they have spent almost 30 years managing large and small companies across several industries — from consultancy and life sciences to client services — in many geographical locations in Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. Clearly, they’ve earned their international bonafides. “Our large portfolio of successful experiences allows us to think out-of-the-box and help our clients with an unconventional approach to managing luxury properties,” explains Moira.

In order to get to know the power couple better, we caught up with them virtually from their current outpost in Siena.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Why did you decide to join Coldwell Banker Global Luxury?

Domenico Bizzoco The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury success story is notorious worldwide. When we looked for an opportunity to bring our entrepreneurial ideas to the real estate industry, we were inspired by the energetic and clear analysis made by Cassiano Sabatini, CEO of Coldwell Banker Italy, about the Italian landscape. We are very confident that under his leadership we can unravel the huge business potential of our splendid Tuscany region and serve our clients with style and elegance.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury What was the deciding factor for you?

Moira Mancini After a few meetings with Cassiano, we were impressed by a common understanding: sometimes you have to say “no.” Which has nothing to do with being snobbish, but it is just to say that we cannot serve a wide range of potential customers.

Domenico Bizzoco No one can count on unlimited resources, much less unlimited time, so we have chosen to pose a specific focus on serving a well-defined segment of the market without being distracted by other potential opportunities that might arise on a daily basis.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury What are you most looking forward to as you join the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program?

Moira Mancini It would be easy to say that we wish ourselves success and glory —LOL!— but that would be so typical of the classical property agent. Our true intent is to be remembered by our clients as a splendid additional experience during the hectic purchasing (or selling) process. Luxury to us is fundamentally an endless emotion of uniqueness and authenticity, a timeless memory that we hope can accompany our clients for the rest of their life. That’s what we aim to achieve.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury What’s the most memorable property sale you’ve ever had?

Moira Mancini We have a fond memory of a beautiful small cottage in a tiny village of 18 inhabitants located on top of a hill, where cars are not allowed, water comes from a natural well and olives trees are all around. A sort of Olympus! Built in between 1400-1500 A.D. and completely restored with original and traditional Tuscany materials, including sandstone, travertine, earthenware tile, this is a place where time has stopped! The buyers came from California, and we have been so happy to help them make their dream come true!

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Do you get a lot of international buyers who want the “Under the Tuscan Sun” experience? Any stories you can share related to this?

Domenico Bizzoco During the last ten years, Tuscany has lived a real estate renaissance because it was the first region in Italy chosen by foreigners for real estate investments. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. There are seven World Heritage sites, four of which in the Sienese surroundings: San Gimignano with its towers, Pienza with its streets, Val d’Orcia with its landscape and Siena itself. We live in an uncontaminated land, in villages and cities with millenary stories.

Moira Mancini Our customers are not only looking for beautiful houses, with gorgeous views and splendid gardens but a philosophy of life in which to recognize and find themselves. This is why they often want to know the stories of the people to whom the house belonged, or try to meet their neighbors to figure out how easy it would be to become a part of them. Personal relationships and mutual understanding are still important around here…

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury How would you describe the Siena and Chianti region when it comes to lifestyle and the kind of luxury real estate offerings available?

Moira Mancini Most of the luxury properties relate to Medieval and Renaissance architecture, particularly due to a national policy of maintaining and preserving the urbanistic and architectural aspects of the territory. However, preserving these characteristics does not limit access to contemporary comforts. In fact, the market offers properties that are a perfect synthesis between ancient design and modern amenities.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury How is luxury defined in your marketplace?

Domenico Bizzoco Luxury is closely connected to the concept of exclusivity, an elitist and distinctive value attributed by the person who owns it. Moreover, it is connected to the concept of rarity of both the property and the materials used in its construction.

A luxury property can be a 50-square-meter-apartment in one of the towers of San Gimignano from the 12th century for about 2.5 million euros or, with the same price, a farm in the countryside of the Chianti Area with a central villa of about 400 square meters from the early 16th century, a wine cellar and olive grove, or even an ancient castle at the gates of a hamlet.

Moira Mancini With such a diverse real estate market, identifying the correct sale price is important, but even more relevant is looking at the unique features and give a value to the emotional and psychological dimension that convinces the buyer to say “that’s exactly what I was looking for!”

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury How would you characterize the Siena and Chianti luxury housing market right now?

Domenico Bizzoco In recent years, the luxury real estate market has experienced a growing trend. It is estimated that sales of properties valued more than one million euros were up 26.73% in 2019 compared to the previous year.

Moira Mancini Many investors moved to Italy because they were attracted by the lifestyle, art, culture. From Arabs to Asians to South Americans, and from Israelis to Europeans (especially the French), and let’s forget the bond which has always linked us to the USA, international buyers continue to be drawn to the Tuscan lifestyle.

Domenico Bizzoco Besides the lifestyle offered by Tuscany, our region is interesting because it can satisfy an important request for privacy and security. There is also a great deal of interest in the efficiency of territory management in terms of offered services (schools, hospitals, environmental policies, etc.). All these factors contribute to a safe environment and a cosmopolitan community.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Where are the best luxury real estate deals to be found right now?

Moira Mancini Extraordinary deals can be now found in the countryside, far from the more crowded city areas. As an example, we currently have available for sale a 900-square-meter ancient “castle with tower” in the heart of Chianti area, plus 250 square meters of a deconsecrated church, wine cellar, pool, gardens and agricultural land with an olive grove, plus panoramic views.

Besides, the Flat Tax for new residents has been introduced by the central government a few years ago and it has been very successful in attracting investors who established their residency in Italy for a minimum of ten years.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury What advice would you like to give international buyers who are looking to buy in your marketplace right now?

Domenico Bizzoco We suggest to potential buyers to rely on professional real estate consultants who can provide support on every aspect of the sale.

A consultant has to provide every relevant information on the property and take care of the buyer for all legal, tax and urbanistic aspects, which is something that can be done on a remote basis by using a number of technological tools like video conference, virtual visit, digital signature of official documents.

Moira Mancini Post-sale property management is also becoming a relevant service that clients are increasingly interested in.

The current health crisis is one of the difficult challenges that Italy has been facing since the post-war period. But if we think about what our country represents in the world, we are sure to emerge from this situation stronger and more motivated than in the past.

Domenico Bizzoco Skills, passion and trust now count more than ever.

Moira Mancini Caring about people is our mark, leave our mark is our aim.

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Meet the New Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Team in Tuscany

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