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Mastering Luxury at All Levels


Editor's Note

At Coldwell Banker® Real Estate, we have a “luxury at all levels” philosophy. We believe luxury is not just a business, but a lifestyle. It’s mastering every detail, every moment, all of the time. The high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals of today — who already understand the intricacies of real estate very well — expect nothing short of excellence and expertise in their real estate agents. That is why we have invited the best minds in the business to share their knowledge at the upcoming luxury conference experience hosted by the Coldwell Banker Previews International® program in Miami.

These professionals are true masters of their craft. They understand the importance of expert, personalized, responsive and discreet service. They serve their clients with polish and pizzazz from top to bottom. They rank among the best in the world; in fact, Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents and teams consistently dominate “The Thousand” top real estate list (in 2015, they generated 40% more in total sales volume than the next-highest-ranking brand). They are examples to all of us. Three of these shining stars will be moderating the Previews Certification course this year: Jade Mills, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Beverly Hills; Wendy Walker, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Phoenix; and Jennifer Ames of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chicago. I recently asked them what it means to master luxury at all levels.

“To master luxury on all levels requires critical expertise about the affluent space and their lifestyle,” shares Wendy, a top producer and major influencer who is ranked in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker agents nationally and internationally. “It is a lot more specialized and vitally complex than it appears. Luxury clientele are generally astute when it comes to real estate. Therefore, they expect to work with top professionals who are proactive, polished and prepared, and who possess a high level of understanding and knowledge of what it takes to succeed. To become a master requires true confidence in the execution of those skills.”

Jade, who has facilitated over $4 billion in real estate transactions in fewer than 14 years, points out that mastery in the affluent world often comes down to finding ways to distinguish yourself from others in the profession. “It is very important to act the part, dress the part and be willing to go a step beyond the other agents,” she says. “It is a way of life and important to see yourself as an outstanding, knowledgeable and prestigious agent. Always visualize yourself as the best. Be more knowledgeable than your competition. Your vision is your reality.”

Jennifer Ames, a 20-year veteran with more than $1.5 billion in career sales, agrees with Jade: “Mastering luxury at all levels is about a frame of mind. In order to serve the most discerning clients, we need to be the best! That starts with having a healthy, positive mindset, understanding the added value we bring to each and every client relationship, and serving our clients with a commitment to become their long-term strategic advisor, and never to just make a deal.”

To become a master of fine real estate, as these three professionals have demonstrated year-in and year-out, also takes continued study and finessing. The newly reimagined Certification Course we’re unveiling in Miami this month is designed to make masters out of all of our Previews® Property Specialists. We believe that a national certification model helps distinguish those exceptional real estate professionals who represent exceptional properties, and ensures a consistently high standard of service that is synonymous with the Previews name. As the late, great radio personality, speaker and writer Earl Nightingale once said, “Excellence always sells.” And we’re in the business of excellence.

Craig Hogan is the vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, and a 20-year real estate veteran. When he is not traveling or offering his insights on high-end real estate trends, he spends time in Chicago, where he enjoys walking his rescue dog Cooper along the lakefront, collecting wine and satisfying his real estate “addiction” with a luxe open house tour or two.

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Mastering Luxury at All Levels

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