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Leaving Our Mark


Editor's Note

Last week, we hosted a Gen Blue Experience® unlike any other. Thousands of attendees from around the world joined us for the two-day virtual conference. Despite our physical distance, it was one of our most impactful and meaningful conferences yet. It brought us all together safely — and reminded us why the Coldwell Banker® brand has been leading luxury real estate for so long.

The first day included the hallmark General Session, where we heard from Coldwell Banker leaders such as President and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Gorman, Chief Operating Officer Liz Gehringer and Chief Marketing Officer David Marine. American Idol winner Just Sam also dropped in, to sing to us and share a few words of her inspiring story. And then there was the exciting launch of the new Global Luxury look. Take a look:

​Our new look reflects who we are as a company today and further links us to the Coldwell Banker legacy of guiding people home. When we talk about leaving our mark on luxury real estate, this is what we mean: We sell more $1 million+ homes than any other real estate brand. We are able to lead because we adapt and embrace change. Evolving is what we do best. Our long 114-year history proves it.

The second day was all about building business, with first-class mastermind sessions and panel discussions. As I looked at all of the familiar faces streaming in from places like France, Italy and North Cyprus, it dawned on me how unique and special the Coldwell Banker network is. This is what being borderless means. Our connections to each other make us stronger and make our clients’ real estate experiences better. Whether we’re face-to-face or screen-to-screen, we can and do bring people and properties together, no matter where we are in the world! That is a powerful statement for a global luxury brand.

Our efforts to connect people with our specialists around the world continue in both evident and subtle ways. If I was a seller, I could potentially choose my next luxury specialist from blog series like “How I Sell” or “10 Questions,” which offer a more personal look at our top agents and show them in a whole new light. And then there are all the stories that we tell about the luxury lifestyle, dream properties and design. Our forthcoming issue of Homes & Estates, set to drop Oct. 27, is a great example; we’ve got stories planned on new home design trends, the new kitchen table, high-stakes games, hotel buyouts, elite dog training and a whole lot more. Whether it’s exploring gorgeous golf courses around the world or interviewing one of L.A.’s hottest interior designers in Homes & Estates, we are constantly looking at creating conversations around the lifestyles of our clients. These stories speak to our tastemaking capabilities, talent for spotting trends, and commitment to facilitating fine living for our clients. They show the depths of our luxury expertise. In other words: We know luxury.

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Leaving Our Mark

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