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John Hennessey and the World’s Fastest Car



The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance is always one of the most anticipated collector car events anywhere in the world—and seeing 200 of the most spectacular vehicles dotting the fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Link’s 18th hole is thrilling enough. But this year, serious car enthusiasts will have yet another reason to attend: Hennessey Performance will unveil a super-special, super-secret version of the Venom GT—aka: the world’s fastest car. If you have been dreaming about seeing this beautiful speed machine up close, then you know where you’ll be on August 17.

But back to the car: the concept of the Venom GT supercar was born from a challenge Hennessey Performance founder John Hennessey put to himself. How can we build a supercar that’s light, with incredible traction, has great handling and unmatched acceleration? After a few quips, a sketch or two and some brilliant thinking, he figured it out. And the Venom GT—the one vehicle to “unofficially” beat the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport’s record by hitting 270.49 miles per hour on NASA’s space shuttle runway—came into the world in all its sleek, cool, superfast style. With a story like that, Previews® Inside Out needed to know even more about John Hennessey and his supercars—so we sat down to find out what drives the man behind the speed. Read on…and try to keep up.


Previews Inside Out What makes the Hennessey Venom GT worth the $1.2 million price tag, in your opinion?

John Hennessey Our car offers the highest level of driving performance and excitement.

Previews Inside Out We hear that each buyer will receive a one-day training program at a track in either the United Kingdom or the States, with instruction coming from one of Hennessey’s own test drivers. Can you give us an idea of what that training entails?

John Hennessey The owner receives personalized driving instruction from our professional test driver. And, depending on the test venue, they will take the car up over 200 mph.

Previews Inside Out How does one go about purchasing one of these supercars?

John Hennessey We require a 50% deposit payment to confirm an order. The client selects exterior and interior colors and options, and the vehicle is completed in 8–12 months.

Previews Inside Out Earlier this year, the Venom GT beat out the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport for the title of world’s fastest production car. What was the significance for you, as president and founder?

John Hennessey It was a great sense of accomplishment (and relief) to achieve the goal, not only for myself, but also for our clients, employees and partners (Pennzoil).

Previews Inside Out Have sales or interest increased as a result of this new speed record?


John Hennessey Yes, we have sold out the next year’s production.

Previews Inside Out How many Venom GTs are on the road today?

John Hennessey We are completing our 12th Venom GT now.

Previews Inside Out Where are most of your buyers from?

John Hennessey I’d say 50% are from the United States and 50% are from abroad, including China, the Middle East and Europe.

Previews Inside Out In the race for the world’s fastest supercar, you are only as good as your last record. How do you plan on keeping Hennessey in the lead?

John Hennessey We have a few other speed records in our sights for the future.  But for now, there is no need to go out and break our own 270-mph record until some other automaker knocks us off as king of the hill.

To find out more about purchasing the Hennessey Venom GT, call (979) 885-1300 or email



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John Hennessey and the World’s Fastest Car

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