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Jane Seymour: Artist and Homemaker

Jane Seymour has inspired millions of fans throughout the world not only with her on-screen performances but with her grace and style off-screen. Known for her dramatic talents, she is also drawn to drama in design. She recently launched her signature Hollywood swank furniture and décor collection which evokes pure glamour in high style. An accomplished author, Jane Seymour has written numerous books, including “Making Yourself at Home,” a stylebook featuring her home and lifestyle tips. Throughout her illustrious career, she has been recognized for her work with 2 Golden Globes and an Emmy award. Television viewers across the country welcomed her into their home every week on the hit network series “Dr. Quinn medicine woman” and she charmed film audiences with memorable performances including “Somewhere in Time” with the late Christopher Reeve. Her most recent role was a truly unique one: She just returned from London where she stepped into the international spotlight as a special celebrity correspondent for Entertainment Tonight alongside Mary Hart, providing television audiences around the world with VIP access to the royal wedding.

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The Hollywood Swank Collection by Michael Amini and Jane Seymour.

Previews Inside Out What makes an entrance to a home truly memorable in your eyes?

Jane Seymour An entry hall that reflects the personalities of the people who inhabit the home.

Previews Inside Out What style of architecture do you find most suits your taste?

Jane Seymour I like homes that have a timeless feel and I am partial towards a stone finish. I like homes with wood, stone and elements of nature.

Previews Inside Out What is your favorite room in a home and why?

Jane Seymour The kitchen, because that is the room that the family invariably gravitates towards; it is the heart of the home.

Previews Inside Out What inspired you to create Hollywood Swank?

Jane Seymour We wanted something glamorous and contemporary which reflected the old and new Hollywood. The faux animal textures such as the crystal croc and leopard add some drama and excitement. The collection evokes pure drama that is striking and show-stopping.

Previews Inside Out What is the first thing that you always notice when you walk into a room?

Jane Seymour The atmosphere and combination of the energy of the people who inhabit the space. Whether it is ultra modern or cozy and eclectic it speaks volumes about the people who live there.

Previews Inside Out What does a room need to have in order to capture and hold your attention?

Jane Seymour A sense of drama. A great focal point whether it is art or dramatic furniture or colors. Lighting is probably one of the most important elements. The collection is described as “Casablanca” meets “An American In Paris” and celebrates the rich history of Hollywood cinema.

Previews Inside Out What movies in your own career or in your experience most inspired and influenced your design sensibility?

Jane Seymour I have worked with so many art directors from so many eras. I am constantly inspired. Most of the movies I have been in were period pieces.

Previews Inside Out The collection embodies the glamour of Oscar night – What red carpet moment or Oscars memory played a role in inspiring the design?

Jane Seymour I suppose Oscar night for “Walk the Line” when it was nominated for best picture. Our collection reminds me of that night and the glamour of that evening when everyone pulls out all the stops. It’s a red carpet Hollywood moment.


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Jane Seymour: Artist and Homemaker

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