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Inside the Golden Globes: Red Carpet Do’s and Don’ts


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January is officially here, and with it comes awards season! One of the first and most anticipated awards ceremonies of the new year is, of course, the Golden Globes…which means we’ll have our eyes glued to the red carpet on Sunday, January 12, 2014. Granted—the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual awards ceremony is one of the most exclusive tickets in town—but if you’re one of the fortunate few to be granted access to The Beverly Hilton this weekend, you may want to take note of these red carpet Do’s and Don’ts, courtesy of Clinton Rodgers, director of quality and guest experience for The Beverly Hilton.

DO be the hero and know how to tie a bow tie! “So many people are running around last minute looking for the one person on property who can tie a proper bow tie.”

DO get your beauty sleep. “Be sure that you have plenty of rest before the big weekend, and drink lots of water!”

DO some sole searching. “Shoes are important, so make sure that they are comfortable. The hotel spans nine acres, and if you need to get from one end to the next, there is nothing worse than having shoes that don’t cooperate.

DON’T assume for great weather. “After all it is January!”

DON’T plan ahead. “Every aspect of the party is meticulously thought out, so even small changes and additions need to be arranged far in advance.”

DON’T forget your identification! “It is a long way back to the car, and with the diligence of security on property, without it, you won’t make it to your designated destination.”

DON’T forget to smile. “With so many cameras all over property, you don’t want to get caught standing or walking behind a big celebrity with a deer caught in headlights look.”

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Inside the Golden Globes: Red Carpet Do’s and Don’ts

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