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How I Sell: Wendy Walker



Name: Wendy Walker
Location: Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix areas
Years in Real Estate: Over 20 years
Trick of the Trade: Black Box
Best Use: Listing presentations

How it works It’s literally a black box that contains our entire Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® listing presentation. It’s meant to tie together all the research, planning, and value that an agent has to offer a potential luxury client and create one coherent visual experience. The box is designed to be the centerpiece of the listing consultation and is most effective when it is informative and aesthetically appealing, and convincingly communicates value to our clients. In the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury package, we include the Capabilities Brochure, the latest issue of Homes & Estates magazine and the listing presentation, bound in a Global Luxury-branded hardcover.

Tell us about how you've used the Black Box It allows me to compete with the very top competitors of my market. The first time I used the Black Box, I had to go up against my main competitor for a $6.5-million estate listing — a very significant property for our market. Prior to this, my competitor’s listing presentation was very formal and, quite frankly, superior to ours in quality. But the Black Box surpassed his listing presentation in quality, depth and experience. When it came time to make my pitch to the client, I knew everything in the Black Box, inside and out. The client told me to give the full presentation and I did. There is a lot of information to cover, and I went page by page. After an hour, she said, “OK, you totally have the listing!” Our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury presentation is comprehensive, and it touches on our marketing capabilities on so many different levels, from international to local. I think she was really blown away!

What’s your favorite thing about the Black Box? I personally love the high-quality listing presentation book that is a part of it. It expertly outlines all of the tools and benefits of working with the Global Luxury program. I personally designed my team-branded listing presentation materials to mirror the quality and efficiency of the Global Luxury materials, so I can create a comprehensive and cohesive presentation for my clients.

Why do you feel the Black Box gives you a competitive advantage in your marketplace? The high-quality comprehensive Black Box provides succinct and valuable information on the benefits of working with the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, including the national and international reach of the Global Luxury program, spanning from the agents/countries and global syndication to the overview of the marketing capabilities at the local, national and international levels. It also covers how we plan to position a property within the local marketplace, a customizable biography and our portfolio of sales and testimonials pages. It’s completely customizable, too, so I can easily adapt it to special listings and update it as my business changes.

Success story One year, I returned from the Generation Blue International Conference in Rome to an early-morning listing appointment with a potential seller. Upon meeting with them, I found that they wanted me to sell their home in Italy. Having just returned from Italy, I asked them why they wanted me, an agent in Arizona, in the United States, to list their Italian villa. They said they were very impressed with my marketing tools and outreach. I explained that the agents in Italy have the same access to the same marketing tools and materials that I do through the Global Luxury program. I brought out the Black Box and went through the entire program with them. I then messaged Cassiano Sabatini, president of Coldwell Banker Italy. To my delight, he immediately messaged me back and I was able to connect with and refer the clients to him. In my mind, that is truly a Global Luxury program!

Words of advice Many successful Global Luxury Property Specialists use this listing presentation, either in its entirety or by incorporating sections of it into a personal presentation they have developed. I am a believer in “Why reinvent the wheel?” Coldwell Banker has given us high-quality tools that we can customize ourselves at an affordable cost. So my advice is: Use them!



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How I Sell: Wendy Walker

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