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High Sea: The Next Generation of Superyachts


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The superyacht is practically on every billionaire’s must-have list. The Saudi royal family owns several of them. Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich once owned the world’s largest one. And music mogul David Geffen acquired one from Larry Ellison. No wonder Wealth-X declared it “the most popular luxury asset.” The superyacht has become the ultimate status symbol—a luxury item for luxury’s sake, a display of success at the highest level.

Today’s superyachts have become opulent “floating palaces,” equipped with everything from swimming pools and sauna rooms to helipads, submarines and staff quarters for nearly 100 crewmembers. But that’s all about to change. Experts say the next generation of superyachts will be more like floating beach clubs, complete with multiple decks for lounging, built-in hot tubs, spas and resting places for all of your toys. Explains Renzo Chelazzi, a sales manager with Genova-based Tankoa Yachts: “Yacht owners are less focused on space and more focused on amenities.”

With summer yachting season upon us, Previews® Inside Out reached out to Chelazzi and asked him about what’s on the horizon for the yachting community. (Editor’s note: it helps if you read his answers in your best Roberto Cavalli accent).

Previews Inside Out What are some of the major trends driving yacht design right now?

Renzo Chelazzi The major trend is to have a large beach club area with all of the amenities, so you can spend most of your day close to the water and still have all of the comfort and privacy that comes with ownership.


Previews Inside Out Some yacht owners have said “less is more,” choosing the floating beach club concept you just described over floating palaces. Has that been your experience?


Renzo Chelazzi Yes, a floating beach club is what most of the owners want for their “toys.” Of course, large interior volume is always welcome and, therefore, we always try to match the two preferences. Our expert and worldwide famous designers work closely with us to execute the owner’s dream. The nationality of the owner is very important when it comes to this type of decision.

Previews Inside Out Is there a yacht in your current family line that responded to this trend?


Renzo Chelazzi Actually, we are building very custom-made yachts tailored on the client’s desires. Every yacht is unique and satisfies the owner’s request.

Previews Inside Out What is the largest and most expensive yacht in your current fleet?


Renzo Chelazzi Tankoais a new shipyard, born in 2008. So, we are currently building the largest and expensive yacht now: a 69 meters displacement for an Eastern European owner. There is a new project for a 120-meter yacht, but it still to be defined.


Previews Inside Out What distinguishes a Tankoa yacht from any other on the market today?

Renzo Chelazzi At Tankoa, we do not want to build many yachts at the same time. We want to pay attention to details, and quality is paramount. We set a maximum of building only three yachts of these dimensions (50 to 90 meters) every four years, so we can dedicate our attention to every project. Our shipyard is a yachting boutique, which also builds a unique model.

Previews Inside Out When it comes to superyachts, what is the significance of “Made in Italy”?

Renzo Chelazzi “Made in Italy” is a title of extreme prestige. Italy is the land of famous artists, writers and painters. We have good taste. You can transfer the know-how to the next generations, but you cannot transfer talent or creativity. We pay attention to details. We have the Italian flag on our shipyard’s logo because we are proud to be Italian.


Previews Inside Out What is the most luxurious item you have ever heard of being added to a yacht?


Renzo Chelazzi The women! Joking. One of the yachts built by Tankoa shareholders while they were owners of another shipyard had a painting series valued higher than the yacht itself.

Previews Inside Out What is important to today’s superyacht owner?

Renzo Chelazzi Owners are looking for a trusted relationship with the builder. They are also looking for reliability, respect for timelines and respect for their privacy throughout the entire building process.


Previews Inside Out Do you have any advice for someone who wishes to purchase a yacht this year?


Renzo Chelazzi Personally visit the shipyard facilities where they intend to build your yacht, and meet the management.

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High Sea: The Next Generation of Superyachts

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