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Glamour for the Ages: Designer Jeff Andrews

What makes a home glamorous? Even the most talented interior designers who live and work in the world of celebrity find it almost impossible to define.

07 FIREPLACE_BLOGThe dictionary defines “glamour” as “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special” — but its archaic meaning is more interesting: “enchantment, magic.” In other words, it’s like star quality. You know it when you feel it. And that’s exactly what Jeff Andrews, manages to achieve in many of his clients’ homes, which include Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Seacrest, Michael C. Hall, Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian.

Inspired by his Southern California upbringing — and just about everything around him, Andrews isn’t afraid to take bold design concepts and infuse them with warmth, sophistication and a sense of home. Take the color palette, for example, Kaley Cuoco’s guest bedroom. Bronze, gold, gray and cream give the room both masculine and feminine qualities, “while emphasizing a quiet sophistication,” says Andrews. Even in his product collaborations — which include Astek Wallcoverings for Glazed and a furniture collection for A. Rudin — have equal magic.

Fresh off Legends, for which he designed a window at Mansour Modern called “Imprint” to commemorate his upcoming rug collection, Andrews recently sat down with us to share his thoughts on creating style magic in a home.

Previews Inside Out How would you describe your style of design?

Jeff Andrews I favor design that is classic, but with a definite edge, with an emphasis on vintage and custom elements. I like to use color palettes that are soothing and monochromatic, layered with rich textures and subtle pattern. Comfort and livability with a touch of glamour are also key components to my aesthetic.

Previews Inside Out What are some ways you might incorporate a touch of glamour into a space?

Jeff Andrews A layered mix of textures and finishes.

Previews Inside Out You often work with an interesting mix of pieces, patterns, materials, colors and fabrics. Do you have a favorite you keep going back to?

Jeff Andrews I always come back to a monochromatic color palette with a healthy variety of textures, which gives a space harmony and balance.


Previews Inside Out What would you say to a client who might say that a monochromatic palette is boring? How do you keep it interesting?

Jeff Andrews It’s all in the mix.  Think of a monochromatic palette not as one color, but as utilizing all of the colors on paint strip in different materials and finishes.  It’s anything but boring when done right.

Previews Inside Out Where do you go for design inspiration?

Jeff Andrews Inspiration doesn’t have to be hard to come by. Something as simple as a great piece of artwork, vintage pottery or a photograph serves as my inspiration for whatever project I’m working on at the moment.

Previews Inside Out What’s the hottest trend you are incorporating into your work right now?

Jeff Andrews I prefer to set the trends rather than follow. That said, right now, I am loving wallpapered ceilings because they add an unexpected element of intrigue in every room.

Previews Inside Out What are some of your favorite textures and materials right now?

Jeff Andrews Right now, I am really enjoying using wallpaper with metallic elements, such as my Glazed collection for Astek Wallcoverings.  The metallic element gives the room added depth, and the feel of the room changes as the light changes throughout the day.  


Previews Inside Out We’re obsessed with your lighting choices… you’re not afraid to go big and bold!

Jeff Andrews I absolutely love to make a statement with bold, dramatic lighting.  I love vintage lighting! But I also tend to go the custom route, creating something unique for the client and the room itself. 

Previews Inside Out You’ve designed a lot of celebrity homes. Have you found that they are more willing to take more risks in terms of color choices or unexpected furnishings? 

Jeff Andrews I find that the stage of life that a client is in, whether they are single, doing their first home, or starting a family, drives the color and furniture choices more than anything else.  At the end of the day, most clients, even celebrities, just want to come “home,” and that’s what I provide.

Previews Inside Out What’s the one lesson you learned from your last project that you’re eager to adopt on your next one? 

Jeff Andrews I think that this happens with just about every project, but the most important lessons are:  listen to the client, and trust your instincts.

Previews Inside Out What do you consider your biggest masterpiece?

Jeff Andrews I consider my Jeff Andrews Collection of furniture for A. Rudin to be my masterpiece. After collaborating with them on custom pieces for clients, they were the perfect partners to explore this side of my imagination. Designing the collection really allowed me to explore another side of my design sensibility and creativity.

Previews Inside Out What can we expect to see from you in the next few months?

Jeff Andrews This fall I will be releasing two new product collections include my first rug collection with Mansour Modern, and Variations, a line of wood tiles for walls and floors with Jaime Beckwith Collection.





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Glamour for the Ages: Designer Jeff Andrews

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