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Father’s Day Luxury Gift Guide


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Another Father’s Day, another tie. How wonderful…ly boring. No, really. Does Dad need another tie? “Need” may be a bit strong. Will he use it? Absolutely. Does that make it the best choice to show your deep love and admiration? Definitely not.

Sure, Dad will open that carefully wrapped box and regard his shiny new tie with a wide smile and and give you all the deep appreciation vibes. But just imagine how he’d look and feel if, this year, you channeled all your love and gratitude for his epic Dadness into something truly great. From things that fly to things that make him look fly, here are the luxury items that will make Dad’s heart soar this year.

Personal Helicopter  

Helicopters are so passe, right? The $190,000 Surefly Personal Quadcopter is a revolutionary aircraft that Dad can use to zip up and over traffic. The two-seater has a running time of one hour and a 70-mile range, and features eight carbon fiber propellers and eight independent gas engines, with a backup battery system, and even a ballistic parachute that can be deployed in case of emergency.

Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker

For the audiophile in your life, nothing but the best sound will do. Enter Devialet’s Gold Phantom speaker ($2,999), which provides 4,500 watts of power with the clarity of an ultra-high-end system in a wireless format.

Ghurka Poker Set

Is Dad a shark? He may become one with a fancy poker set like this one. Handcrafted in French calfskin leather and featuring 100% clay casino quality chips and solid wood encasing, this Ghurka Poker Set is priced at $3,700 from Moda Operandi.

Robotic Lawnmower

Dad might not go nuts over a Roomba, but he’ll love the Roomba of the lawn mowing world, right? The Robomow RS630 ($2,499) is a heavy-duty robotic mower that can handle up to ¾ of an acre (other models are suited to smaller areas) on one charge. 

The “It” Sneaker

The Balenciaga Triple S dominated the luxury sneaker market in 2017, making up for more than half of all sales in the sector, and the $1,162 shoe is the go-to for high-end kicks for a second year. If you really want to be the wife, daughter, or son of the year, find a way to get the “Bred” colorway. The red and black shoe with speckled laces was announced in April, but a release date has still not been made available.

Sonic Editions Michael Jordan Print

Dad doesn’t have to be a raving basketball fan to be inspired by this dunking pic of the greatest of all time. The gallery-quality, 17×21, framed Sonic Editions‘ reproduction print ($500) features the iconic image of Michael Jordan mid-slam.

A Hot Belt

Today’s hottest fashion accessory: A belt. But not just any belt. This Interlocking-G Calfskin Leather Belt will allow Dad to proudly display the Gucci Gs—a sure way to up the style factor on any outfit. Priced at $450 at Nordstrom.

Sculptural Pool Table

It’s a pool table so beautiful you might even want it. No, really. The Filotto Billiards Table, created for Calma e Gesso by Adriano Design, is comprised of glass and steel, appearing more like a sculpture than a man-cave mainstay. It’s priced at $61,000, and, clearly, worth every penny.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Does dad feel the need…the need for speed? He’ll look the part in these $153 Aviators, which are especially relevant now that the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun has just started filming.

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Father’s Day Luxury Gift Guide

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