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A Global State of Mind


Editor's Note

What do you picture when you hear the word “global”? Do you imagine a map of the world with stars to mark every country and territory where a brand has a presence? Or perhaps a marketing website that can be accessed in any part of the world and translated into ten different languages? How about something deeper?

In the ultra luxury residential space, the word “global” was once a point of differentiation —a way of distinguishing local brokerage firms from established powerhouses with connections stretching from Beverly Hills to Shanghai. It doesn’t take a village to sell a $100 million property, after all — it takes a worldwide network of professionals to reach that rare and special buyer who can afford such a landmark residence. Henderson Talbot, a young entrepreneur, understood this unique characteristic of luxury real estate long before the Internet gave us the ability to market properties across oceans. He began capturing estates on film in 1933 so that affluent buyers could “preview” them from wherever they happened to be. It was a brilliant — and necessary — marketing strategy that we continue to innovate to this day, as we seek out new ways of connecting buyers all over the world through the Coldwell Banker Previews International® program. “Global” is in our DNA. Yet, the word has also become ubiquitous in luxury marketing to the point where it has almost lost meaning.

For the word “global” to hold value for buyers and sellers of ultra luxury properties today, it must be more than just a set of stats. It isn’t just having a presence in 47 countries and territories (we do), creating a website that converts languages and currencies (we do) or establishing a luxury lifestyle blog with 55% of traffic originating from destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, Italy and Brazil (we do). “Global” needs to represent a way of thinking and a way of doing business. When you begin each day in a “global” state of mind, making connections with people across continents, countries and cultures is simply what you do. And when you amplify that with the fresh, curated luxury real estate and lifestyle content we’ve been developing for you on, you get a complete picture of what matters most in the minds and hearts of today’s discriminating consumers. I’ll give you just a little taste of the stories we’ve been working on this month:

These rich stories point to just how interconnected the world of luxury has become. We live in a truly global age, where house hunting in Paris is as accessible as jetting off for a week of art stalking in Hong Kong. As for your permanent address? Well, that’s just a number.

Craig Hogan is the vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, and a 20-year real estate veteran. When he is not traveling or offering his insights on high-end real estate trends, he spends time in Chicago, where he enjoys walking his rescue dog Cooper along the lakefront, collecting wine and satisfying his real estate “addiction” with a luxe open house tour or two.




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A Global State of Mind

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