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The Most Romantic Master Suite in Aspen

Aspen. It evokes images of snow-covered hills. Pristine ski resorts and Fendi-laden snow bunnies. Grand stone fireplaces and soaring vistas. And a sea of intricately designed, Moroccan-patterned tile that cradles a modern-exotic master suite under a luscious tangle of rich Iroko wood imported from Italy and showcasing an eclectic mix of furniture. Doesn’t it?

It does in this ultra romantic, exquisitely designed master suite, just one of the magnificent spaces comprising this 15,000-square-foot, 15-acre European mountain estate.


“This house has a worldly feel to it,” says Carrie Wells, listing agent for Coldwell Banker Mason Morse. “You can see the influence from other areas around the globe.”

The allure of a space that feels like an homage to a decadent around-the-world trip is unmistakable. So too is how the room came together. That distinctive flooring in the master suite—it was inspired by a trip the owner (and former president of BMI records) took with one of the biggest stars in the world at the time.

“The owners were with Michael Jackson in Morocco, and fell in love with this Moroccan tile,” said Wells. “They had it custom replicated out of English tile in the master suite, and it’s stunning.”


The homeowners’ travels compelled much of the home’s design, which was then realized by the renowned team of Argentinean architect Horacio Ravazzani and interior designer Stephen Sills. Those luscious tiles, which evoke the art of Zellige still found throughout the Moroccan cities of Fes and Meknes, unfold in an intricate geometric pattern of blue, black, green, gold and crème, so impactful that no carpet dare cover an inch of it. A plush upholstered settee gracing the far wall continues the palette, with a deep blue tufted bench at the foot of the bed offering the only other hint of color.

The room’s breezy white bedding is the stuff romance novels are made of, especially when combined with a carved and gilded, Italian wood canopy bed that looks like it was relocated from the hills of Tuscany. “The bed is such a focal point; it’s very romantic,” says Wells. “The house itself has a high level of finishes, yet it has this undeniable warmth juxtaposed against the white plaster walls and tiles.”

Those walls of pristine white plaster provide a serene backdrop while introducing another distinctive element: “decorative plaster motifs reminiscent of the provincial homes of France and Italy,” says Wells.

The rest of the ample space holds simply: a pair of turned-leg nightstands, a solitary wooden chair, one tall iron candelabra and a smattering of vases and table lamps. The effect is powerful, purposeful, imparting a sense that each piece was carefully chosen and placed, and bridging the expanse of the room with a feeling of welcoming luxury.

“The scale of the room has a wonderfully warm and romantic feel to it,” says Wells. “There is a feeling of grandeur, yet coziness. The design will remind people of the places they’ve visited around the world yet they may never want to leave.”

For more information on 350 Eagle Park Drive, which is currently on the market for $19,500,000 USD, contact Carrie Wells at (970) 948-6750 or

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The Most Romantic Master Suite in Aspen

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