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Carrying Your Vision


Editor's Note

I want to take a moment to talk about vision. Your vision. Over the last several weeks, I have continued to be inspired by your resilience and ability to see past the challenges of this moment to envision a future that best serves your clients. Many of you are still taking listings. Some of you have gotten resourceful, conducting virtual open houses and finding unique ways of keeping deals together. Your stories of perseverance keep us moved and moving. “We’re in this together” is not just a cliché; it means that we share your vision and we carry it with us.

The Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® program brings your vision to life in a number of different ways. Recently, we expanded our listing syndication to sites including Barron’s, Mansion Global, Penta, and MarketWatch. Combined, these sites bring in a total of 67.4 million monthly unique visitors and 472.6 million monthly page views. It’s another added layer of value for our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists, since you don’t need to do anything extra to get your luxury listings seen all over the world. It’s completely free of charge.

Homes & Estates is another outstanding platform. The new 2020 print issue has begun to be distributed to Coldwell Banker offices and affluent addresses around the world this week. The digital edition is already online and can be found here. Homes & Estates is one of the most powerful marketing assets in your possession right now. (To learn more about how agents are using this fabulous tool, be sure to read Aylin Pelin Onar’s “How I Sell,” a new series we’re unveiling this month on the blog.) This year, we’ve made it even better — because now you can customize the magazine with your personal ad on the inside front cover. When you combine the new customization with the direct mail distribution that Unique Homes provides, you have a one-of-a-kind platform that allows you to truly communicate your vision to your own network.

Print as a Luxury Experience  

That brings me to the power of print as a luxury experience. Despite the growing focus on digital, there is still tremendous opportunity in print for luxury real estate marketers. Don’t take my word for it. Publishers like Meredith, Hearst Autos, and Bonnier are actually reinvesting in print magazines, with a heightened focus on paper quality, editorial value and the luxuries of the print experience. This may be an ongoing trend, too. Magazine publishers apparently saw an unexpected boost to their newsstand sales last month as shelter-in-place orders took effect, reported the New York Post. Could it be that good old-fashioned print is also a source of comfort?

“A luxury magazine experience is a special lean-back moment that’s transportive,” Doug Olson, president of Meredith Magazines, told Publishing Executive. “It’s about tapping into the passions of people seeking content in a range of areas of interest and giving them something that they can’t get online or through other channels – stunning images, beautiful design and compelling storytelling that you can hold in your hands.”

When your new issue of Homes & Estates arrives in the mail, I encourage you to open it up, touch it and feel the quality of the magazine. High-quality paper stock. Beautiful photography. Original stories and interviews that allow you to escape for a moment and immerse yourself in beautiful homes, places and things. We all need sources of inspiration, even in times of hardship. In that way, Homes & Estates can provide you and your clients just the kind of vision I spoke about in my introduction. The magazine is an extension of the experience we provide to our clients every day — magical, memorable, authentic and personal.

Craig Hogan is the vice president of luxury for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and a 20-year real estate veteran based in Chicago. 

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Carrying Your Vision

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