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Behind the Golden Globes


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Hollywood is a town of reinvention, a place where shiny and new are often held in the highest regard. But there is one tradition that has never lost its luster: the Golden Globes at The Beverly Hilton. Home to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association-bestowed awards since 1961, the landmark hotel has been a constant during awards season—an elegant yet familiar presence that has played witness to more than its fair share of historic Hollywood moments.

The Beverly HiltonIn just a few days, The Beverly Hilton will once again open up its red-carpeted grand circular driveway to one of Hollywood’s most exclusive events. It has been said that the hotel turns into “its own city” during the weekend of the Globes, with over 6,000 people in the hotel at any given time. Explains hotel manager Michael Robertson: “Coordinating feeding guests, production staff and team members while simultaneously executing a nationally televised award show, one-on-one interviews, five after parties and other private events require tremendous planning and cooperation—not unlike the logistics of making a city run.” 

But what secrets lie behind the red carpet? Previews® Inside Out asked Robertson to give us the inside track.

Previews Inside Out Looking back on the 53-year history of hosting the Golden Globes, what are some of the hotel’s most memorable red carpet moments?

Michael Robertson Some of the most memorable moments of the Golden Globes actually happen off the red carpet. In 1997, actress Christine Lahti was stuck in the famed ladies’ room in the International Ballroom when her name was called to receive an award. The same thing happened to Renée Zellweger in 2000. But one of the most memorable Golden Globes moments happened in 1999, when actress Angelina Jolie wanted to make good on her promise and jumped into our Aqua Star Pool, following her Golden Globe win for “Girl, Interrupted”—wearing her Randolph Duke gown!

Previews Inside Out Walk us through a typical celebrity experience at the hotel during the Golden Globes.

Michael Robertson Award nominees, presenters and guests begin to arrive at The Beverly Hilton around 2:30 p.m. the day of the ceremony. They walk past hundreds of screaming fans, over 30,000 square feet of red carpet leading from Merv Griffin Way, up the hotel’s front drive into the International Ballroom. Once inside, they are greeted with a champagne toast and take their seats for a delectable three-course dinner prepared by our chefs exclusively for this event.

After their name is announced as Golden Globe award winner and they receive the award, they are immediately whisked off stage through the hotel kitchen into “the backstage press area.” Basically, this area is the adjoining ballrooms, where they will face hundreds of photo and video journalists and answer one-on-one questions from the media.

The event wraps up at 8 p.m., and select guests make their way to one of the five studios after parties, all located on property.

Previews Inside Out Why do you think the hotel has kept this Hollywood tradition for so long?

Michael Robertson The Beverly Hilton has cherished a great relationship with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association over the years. The event is unique, as it is an intimate room of 1,300 of Hollywood’s most powerful people. This limited number of invitations makes it the hardest ticket to get in Hollywood, but also because it is known to be the most fun.

Previews Inside Out What are the main differences between the Golden Globes of today vs. the 1960s?


Michael Robertson The production has grown and changed over the years. It went from an intimate gathering of Hollywood stars and international journalists that gathered in the International Ballroom into a nationally televised event with major red carpet arrivals and millions of viewers worldwide. However, the spirit and the Hollywood glamour remain the same.

Previews Inside Out In terms of red carpet buzz, what’s the one thing everyone is talking about this year?

Michael Robertson We are looking forward to having Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes again this year. They are both such talented actors and writers. They were exceptional hosts last year, and we are looking forward to the surprises they will bring this year.

Previews Inside Out The Golden Globes are as much about the awards as they are about the parties, aren’t they? Can you give us a sneak peek at what attendees can expect in terms of parties this year?

Michael Robertson This year’s after parties include the InStyle/Warner Bros. event hosted in our Oasis Courtyard, the HBO party at the Aqua Star Pool, the Weinstein Company party in one of our event spaces and the NBC/Universal Focus Features party hosted on the roof of our parking garage. Our chefs and design teams are busy finalizing the details of each of these events. Naturally, we cannot disclose the specifics, but guests are in for spectacular settings and world-class cuisine.

Previews Inside Out Speaking of cuisine, what’s on the menu this year?

Michael Robertson The Beverly Hilton executive chefs will be preparing a three-course menu that includes an appetizer trio of Grilled Eggplant with Sundried Tomato and Pine Nut Hummus on Seared Tomato; Mini Sweet Pepper with Feta Cheese, Pomegranate, Herbs and California Olive Oil on Grilled Pita; and Grilled Artichoke on Multigrain Tabbouleh and Tahini; followed by an entrée of Mediterranean Spice Crusted Braised Beef Short Rib and Sautéed Smoked Filet of Atlantic Sea Trout with Spinach Sweet Corn Ragout and Light Cream of Tomato Dill Sauce. Dinner will be finished with an inventive Gusto Mango dessert on Almond Sponge Cake with Crème Anglaise.

Previews Inside Out Are there any event surprises we should keep an eye out for this year?

Michael Robertson They wouldn’t be surprises then, would they?

The 2014 Golden Globes will be broadcast live on NBC, Sunday, January 12.

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Behind the Golden Globes

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