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Beautifully Built Bespoke Rooms

“Bespoke” is one of those terms we hear so often in luxury marketing that it has almost lost meaning. Its etymology may surprise even those who have incorporated it into their everyday language. Once a British word used to describe tailor-made garments, bespoke is actually a past participle of the verb “to bespeak.” It eventually evolved to mean “to discuss; decide upon,” and later, “discussed in advance.” In that way, anything that is custom-made or made to fit an individual person’s style — whether a suit, piece of art or a unique room in one’s house may be considered bespoke.

In true bespoke fashion, we’ve decided upon seven properties marketed by the Coldwell Banker Previews International® program that showcase rooms artfully built to an owner’s discriminating tastes and exacting specifications.

Art Gallery

BLOG_Hailey 4 SVPN Aug_Art Gallery

11882 Highway 75
Hailey, Idaho 83333
$18,000,000 USD

It’s one thing to have an art collection, but it’s quite another to craft your own personal gallery to house it all. In fact, just about every square inch of this Hailey, Idaho architectural estate — by architect Frederick Fisher — has been personalized to create spaces grand enough to showcase the owner’s prized art.

Squash Court 

BLOG_425 Round Hill Rd 20 - PRINT_Squash

425 Round Hill Road
Greenwich, CT 06831
$13,450,000 USD

Tennis courts? They’re almost passé. A squash court, by contrast, is unique and not often found in most homes — unless the homeowner is a true squash lover who has the space and money for it. Enter this captivating 3.9-acre Greenwich estate: It has a professional indoor Anderson squash court, plus a state-of-the-art gymnasium and pool house, a six plexi-cushion tennis court and a 2,000-square-foot synthetic golf green with two tee boxes. We’ve heard of gentlemen’s estates, but this is a true sportsman’s estate.

Spa Room


0 Carbon Canyon Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
$23,500,000 USD

For the affluent, privacy is always a factor—which is why wealthy homeowners often build their own in-home spa facilities. The relaxing ambiance of the exercise/massage/sauna space in this custom-designed Malibu villa is no exception.

Art Deco Bowling Alley Art deco Bowling Alley

1828 Spindrift
La Jolla, CA 92037
$21,900,000 USD

Not only did the owner of this La Jolla estate execute it in the classic Art Deco style, but he extended his design inspiration all the way into the custom entertainment clubroom with a bar, billiards and bowling alley.

Renaissance Game Room BLOG_008-PBGardensHouse-Addl

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
$30,000,000 USD

The dramatic hand-carved and gilded ceilings in this ornate Palm Beach Gardens game room evoke the romance of a 16th century, Italian Renaissance villa — showcasing the owner’s love for ancient arts and fine craftsmanship.

One-of-a-Kind Wine Room

2735 Ocean Boulevard
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
$22,999,000 USD

As featured in Wine Spectator magazine, this collector’s wine cellar was started in 1971 as a “simple room dug into the hillside” in California’s majestic Corona del Mar. After three expansions (each overseen by the owner himself), the 3-room temperature controlled wine cellar grew to cover 1,000 square feet and now houses 4,000 bottles, a tasting room and elevator. 

Ambient Indoor Pool

BLOG_901_alpine_indoor pool 901 N Alpine Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
$72,000,000 USD

In Beverly Hills, pools are a luxury staple, but some homeowners also desire the privacy of their own indoor pool. Lined with wall-to-wall marble and featuring ambient lighting and a cascade of water from above, this extraordinary indoor oasis on Alpine Drive entices from behind its glass doors.

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Beautifully Built Bespoke Rooms

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