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8 Ways to Create Drama With Bold and Beautiful Black Floors

Houzz Contributor, Sian Meades

Smart, sophisticated and the perfect base for any kind of decor, a black floor is timeless. Whether you prefer solid, boldly patterned or partnered with white, black is a wonderful choice underfoot. And here’s proof.

Use it as a backdrop. One of a black floor’s best roles is as a foil for fabulous accessories. This monochromatic scheme is energized by the use of a single bright color — teal — which looks amazing against the dark boards.

Go for natural beauty. Emphasize the depth and beauty of a natural slate floor with lush greenery. These plants, along with the leafy view beyond, give this smart black scheme an uplifting, airy mood.

Celebrate a classic. A black and white checkerboard floor is timeless and gives any room a smart edge. Here a glossy finish shows the look to full effect, while antique furnishings play to the design’s ancient history.

Start in small spaces. A staircase is a great way to play around with black lacquer; it looks beautiful in narrow slabs, especially highlighted against sharp white.

Cheat with a rug. Painting a floor black is a big commitment, so if you’re unsure, cheat with a rug instead. The geometric lines of the wool rug here chime nicely with the doors and picture frames for a cohesive look.

Enrich with daylight. This room uses the light to full effect to really make the black surfaces look rich, taking it from gloomy to glamorous. The huge windows let in abundant light, while the many reflective surfaces — even the velvet has a gleam — bounce it around the room.

Work a monochromatic zigzag. Chevrons can energize any space. Go all-out with a fabulous black and white painted floor, or play it a little safer with a striking rug. Here the zigzags are accentuated with cushions in similarly bold geometric patterns, while a mirrored coffee table doubles the effect.

Be a purist. This pure white scheme could be lost on a pale floor, but the black tiles ground the room. The key here is to keep the floor totally plain — no details, no pattern — to fit in with the minimalism of the white furniture.


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