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2020 Home Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

A new year often means new resolutions, new goals and new trends. While our personal lives are getting refreshed for 2020, our homes may also need a tasteful revival. Following trends in our personal spaces can be a tricky task, of course — but not impossible if you have the pros guiding your choices.

To help us decide what new home design trends should be on our watch lists for 2020, we consulted some of our favorite designers, decorators and architects in the business. What’s in? What’s out? What new touches or styles absolutely must make it into our interiors this year? Read on.

Noble Materials

“’Noble materials’ – by which I mean those that have an enduring and lasting quality, whether it is a bronze objet or a marble surface. As dynamic and interesting as the cross-over between fast fashion and décor has been, at the end of the day, no one truly wants something disposable.”Achille Salvagni

Mixing Old and New

“Our clients are over the ‘one-stop-shop’ design resources and are taking the design of their homes to the next level by getting comfortable with mixing and matching old and new and even purchasing locally made souvenirs while on their travels to help tell the story of who they are.” Lauren Buxbaum Gordon of Nate Berkus Associates told Elle DECOR

Modern Classics

“I imagine we will see ‘Modern Classic’ looks for 2020. Prior, there were bold colors, geometric patterns, and some funky shaped furniture that excited people, but they were quickly tired out. We always appreciate timeless design; a style that is fresh and unfussy, and made in good quality.”Mia Jung, interiors director at Ike Kligerman Barkley


Tria Giovan Photography

“The color block is over. Clients are finally starting to realize that you can still have a luxurious, soothing, home while incorporating color and pattern – especially in the kitchen. White kitchens will always be a classic, but bold colors will have a strong presence in the coming year.”Allison Babcock of Allison Babcock Design 

“Monochromatic [color] does not have to be pale. Colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way, that’s full of personality and elegance.” Jonathan Rachman of Decorist told ELLE DECOR

Warm Tones

“Say goodbye to the cool tones that have ruled for so many years. Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are all taking over in homes. We love substituting these warm, natural colors for a neutral on the sofa or walls.” Marika Meyer of Meyer Interiors told ELLE DECOR

Textured Wallcoverings

“I am a huge advocate for textured wallpapers — sisals, grass-cloths, synthetics — they not only come in an infinite number of variations while providing a sense of depth and luxury to a room, but many are durable and versatile enough that they can be very easily transformed with a simple can of paint.” Carleton Varney of Dorothy Draper 


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2020 Home Design Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

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