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2017 Issue 4


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Rarity is one of the most powerful indicators of luxury. If you possess something that is rare — desired by many and attained by few — it is a signifier of your wealth and your status. The fall 2017 issue of Homes & Estates pays homage to rarity in so many ways. There is the story about the ticketed dining revolution, covering some of the world’s most exclusive and hard-to-get-into culinary experiences. There is the story about the rise of new wine rooms and cellars that put the beauty of the bottle on full display.  There is even a piece on the rarest of the rare bourbons and whiskeys. And naturally, there are many dreamy, one-of-a-kind properties — from Italy to the mountains of Lake Tahoe — filling the magazine’s 208 pages.

It’s a rare thing to find all of this luxury in one place — and yet that is exactly what unfolds in the fall 2017 issue.  Whether you are a collector of fine wine, fine art or fine homes, there is something for every high-net-worth individual and every luxury real estate agent seeking a modern perspective on fine living.


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2017 Issue 4

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