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Measuring Greatness in the Global Era


Editor's Note

How does a great brand accomplish great things? At the level at which the Coldwell Banker® brand operates in the luxury real estate space, the simplest things make the biggest difference. It could be an affluent seller’s instant recognition that leadership in luxury is synonymous with our brand. Or it could be a global website that tells the story of fine real estate in multiple languages, allowing high-net-worth buyers all over the world to experience our most beautiful listings. Perhaps it’s evolving and enhancing our agent certification program to establish standards of excellence and truly distinguish the good from the very best.

If you look behind these moments, you’ll find the promise of a 110-year-old real estate brand that endures by living and looking toward the future. When it comes to luxury real estate, the future is global. International influence on the upper end of the market is unprecedented today, with more than $100 billion in home purchases made by foreign buyers. The Coldwell Banker brand has responded in kind. We already have 3,000 offices in 48 countries, adding offices in Thailand and Andorra, with Portugal slated to open in the first quarter of this year. (I have had the opportunity to visit many of them, as I continue to log in too many frequent flyer miles to count!) I can personally attest that our global network of 88,000 real estate agents today are 110% committed to consistently exceeding expectations and creating exceptional experiences for the most discerning clients.

We are truly a company without borders. Whether you want to purchase a beach house in Miami or a luxury condo in Thailand, our real estate agents are right there, waiting to bring you the lifestyle you envision for yourself in 2017. This is just one measure of our greatness. Here’s to more greatness in the days and months ahead.

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Measuring Greatness in the Global Era

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