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A Moment to Celebrate


Editor's Note

The new expression of luxury has arrived … finally! I say “finally” because this landmark event has been two years in the making. For the first time, the Coldwell Banker® brand has debuted a new identity for our elite marketing program: Coldwell Banker Global Luxury. It’s a moment to celebrate — like the moment you bring your family into a home after a long, painstaking renovation. There’s a little bit of awe, wrapped up in excitement, as you step back and survey the new expression of “home” you have created.

I am incredibly proud to be part of the team who made it possible to present a modern expression of luxury to you. The manifestation of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury was a true labor of love. As you can probably imagine, re-envisioning a new luxury brand identity for a global company with over 89,000 sales agents in 49 countries and territories is no easy feat! Of course, with any transformation of this magnitude, there is great joy in simply knowing that you can evolve and raise the already high expectations you set for yourself. That’s what the Coldwell Banker brand has been successfully doing for more than a century.

As we watch our clients and sales associates display our new name with a greater sense of pride (now emblazoned in elegant black and white) in front of their homes and on their business cards, our brand has been revitalized with fresh energy. We have paid special attention this year to delivering quality lifestyle content in digital and print media. We have a new international website,, where our luxury blog now lives. Meanwhile, our flagship magazine — Home & Estates — remains one of luxury real estate’s most widely read publications, with international distribution in 80 countries, reaching over 1.1 million eyes per year. The spring 2017 edition of the magazine, just released this month, commemorates the historic debut of our new identity while celebrating the global lifestyle that so many of our clients lead, with 15 pages of international property spotlights and 10 original feature articles that take you from a historic region in France on the Rhine River plain to Cape Town, South Africa. The evolution of our brand will undoubtedly continue.

I can’t help but think that all of this points to the enduring power of the Coldwell Banker name in luxury. Coldwell Banker-affiliated agents and teams handle more than $126.9 million in luxury home sales each day. Our brand has been associated with the marketing and selling of history’s most iconic homes, from the Versace Mansion to Aspen’s Jigsaw Ranch. We lead by innovating. We lead by daring to redefine who we are. We lead by bringing our past, present and future together.

Moments like this don’t come along often. It’s a time of welcoming and celebration. It’s a time to look at the new world we have cultivated and say, “We did it.”

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A Moment to Celebrate

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